Life to Eagle

The steps required to advance from Life Scout to Eagle Scout can seem to be confusing and difficult. Actually, the process is quite well structured. The following provides step-by-step instructions for Life Scouts in the Four Peaks District to successfully complete the process of earning the Eagle Scout rank including details on Eagle Service Project approval and Board of Review scheduling that is unique to our District.

Step 1: Documents

All required documents including the Project Workbook and the Eagle Scout Rank Application can be downloaded from the Grand Canyon Council Website, here.

Note: Be sure you are using the most recent copies of the workbook and Eagle application. Older copies of the workbook or Eagle application will not be accepted.

Step 2: Project Approval

  1. Read the instructions included in the Eagle Project Workbook.

  2. Identify a project you wish to lead that meets Eagle Scout Requirement 5.

  3. Prepare the project proposal section of the workbook and have it signed by the beneficiary, your Scoutmaster and your Committee Chair.

  4. Contact a District Project Approver from the list below and set up an appointment to have the project proposal reviewed and approved. Note that the District will not sign off on a project until all other signatures have been obtained. Projects will not be approved retroactively. Do not start actual work on the project until District approval has been obtained.

Pinnacle Peak Project Approver List (PDF)