Scouting for Food – Top Troop from Pinnacle Peak!

Troop 616 reported the highest collect for any Troop in the Grand Canyon Council, with 3,500 pounds donated to the Paradise Valley Emergency Food Bank!

Committee Chair John McLellan shared some insight from their day:

It was a great day – all our scouts enjoyed getting out and well scouting.  After canvassing our neighborhoods (56th – 64th St, Greenway Rd North to the Canal), we dropped off the food at PVEFB (Paradise Valley Emergency Food Bank).  For Bonus points, after collection our scouts stuck around and helped with the macro sort at the Foodbank.  Cans vs not cans outside of Paradise Valley Emergency Food Bank – Yellow totes for cans, Black totes for non-cans.  The cans were then further organized by type beans, corn, w/ meat, etc.

The Black Mountain Chapter has started a Service Corp, their efforts were coordinated with that of T616 to come out to PVEFB and after the macro sort outside, helped validate expiration dates of the donations inside the facility and shelf the product.

Regarding expiration dates: It was a tie between 1) Chili Con Carne from 2009 and 2) A jar of pigs feet from 2014!

Scouting for Food is held the first Saturday of February each year. For more information on Scouting for Food or how to get involved with our Council’s largest civic service event, please visit