Pinnacle Peak Scouts had a great Summer Camp Experience

Pinnacle Peak Scouts had a great Summer Camp Experience

The biggest comment Pinnacle Peak leaders received at camp was how grateful that we had camp. We received Troops from CA, NV, CO, and UT! We were the only camp open in over 500 miles and our neighboring states camps were all closed.

We learned a few things during camp this year as we found that the Troops really enjoyed the cohort model. From the way we took turns coming into the dining hall for our allotted meal shift time to the aspect the Troop stayed together for the most part for the whole week. Instead of scouts splitting up and taking off into different directions in the old MB model, the cohort, which included a whole Troop, rotated to areas together. This allowed the Troop to work together on MB’s and kept the Troop Leadership together as a team. This also allowed the Troop to ‘gel’ throughout the week and really get to know each other. It also allowed them time to create a schedule to include setting time aside for a service project that could not be done in a pre-weekend.

There were no ‘open program’ times this year due to Covid-19, we expect to be able to have open time next year. Another change that helped this year was provisional scouts that were put with Troops for the week. Instead of the one week and all provisional scouts thrown together as one Troop in the past, the scouts were attached to other Troops. This allowed them to really enjoy camp for the week with another Troop that already had Troop leadership in place with no pressure to have to step up into a leadership role.

I really enjoyed my time in the cool mountain air and the time I got to spend with SPL’s in setting goals and visiting with the adult scouters. Camp was very successful, and I can’t wait to go back up next year!

– Paul Stithem, Camp Geronimo Commissioner