Virtual Group Pack Activities

Virtual Group Pack Activities

Here are several ideas for virtual games for the pack youth while we are all working out virtual means to keep interest sparked in our packs. 

Pack Virtual Games:

Virtual Scavenger Hunt – Leader calls out items (items scout related or simple items) and Cubs chase down the items in their own homes.

Straw and ping pong ball, small ball, button – a game can be formed by blowing the ping pong ball, small ball, balloon, button or other object across the table.

Cup stack – with multiple plastic cups stack them making a pyramid and un-stack them, then stack within a single cup and back again to the pyramid.

Balloon walk – blow up a big balloon and walk around the room with it between the scouts legs. Discuss handicapped walking and their tools.

Static Hold – blow up a balloon then try sticking it to the wall by rubbing in their hair.

Blind man’s bluff – blindfold for each scout in their own house and spend some time walking around the room.

Critter talk – Select a local critter, draw a picture, and act like it, then others guess what the animal it is.

Pick Pocket – Everyone pull items out of pockets (their own or family member) and a certain goal has been preselected (by color, count, largest single item, or certain item). See how many can reach that goal.

Virtual Scrabble – How many words out of Cubmaster (OR “Do your best”, “Do a good turn daily”). Everyone arrives with a paper to write down all words that can be made out of the given master word/phrase.

Critter Act – each scout puts on an act as a local critter of choice and the others guess what animal is being imitated.

Alphabits – everyone arrives with 10 objects then upon “go” they put them in an alphabetized order. Early arrivers might benefit from talking about their objects.

One Legged Scout – everyone after arrival can start standing on one leg and count to a tictoc or a constant background beat to see how long everyone can stand on one leg. Talk about being handicapped.

Airplane Flight – everyone arrive with papers. Then see how many different airplanes they each can make, then display to see how many different planes were made.

Virtual Magic – small simple magic tricks can be displayed on zoom by a single cub or working together they might be able to coordinate something (perhaps a disappearing act).