Virtual Group Troop Activities

Virtual Group Troop Activities

Here are several ideas for virtual games for the troop youth while we are all working out virtual means to keep interest sparked in our troops.

Troop Virtual Games:

Virtual Scavenger Hunt – Leader calls out items (items scout related or simple items) and Cubs chase down the items in their own homes.

Jeopardy – create a chart similar to TV Jeopardy board with score value and multiple categories. Share the board and have questions on the side. Questions should be Scout related.

Cup stack – with multiple plastic cups stack them making a pyramid and un-stack them, then stack within a single cup and back again to the pyramid.

Virtual Scrabble – How many words out of Scoutmaster (OR “Be Prepared”, “Do a good turn daily”). Everyone arrives with a paper to write down all words that can be made out of the given master word/phrase.

Straw plus small ball, button, envelope or gum wrapper – a game can be formed by blowing the item small across the table.

Solve a Predicament – Patrol breakouts for teams (team1 create predicaments in numbered order, team2 creates solutions to problems in numbered order each team know not what the other is doing) match to see what funny solutions can solve a predicament. Remember follow order.

Airplane Flight – everyone arrives with papers. Then see how many different airplanes they each can make, then display to see how many different planes were made.

Beanshooter – with a wooden matchstick and straw blow the match across the room into a dish or pan across table.

Hangman – determine the word for to identify letter by letter for a hanging.

Make a compass – Acquire the following materials for next meeting (magnet, needle, cork, dish of water). Create a compass.

Make fire starters – announce need of following materials (egg carton, lint, melt wax) for next meeting. Then create fire starters for returning to camping.

Knot Run – announce knots to be tied during next meeting giving time to practice, then name off a knot and see how many everyone can tie.

Rope whipping – with the same materials have a contest for speed to whip a rope.

Jokes (select best joke) – practice skits and/or jokes for in preparation for camporees or campouts

Magic Show – Each or several Scouts present a magic show trick.

Stuff-It – Eat as many hotdogs (frankfurters) or apples as possible.